Local and State Resource Guide

Trans Teen Support Group

The group will meet every other Wednesday in the office of Terese Herring from 5:30 pm.-7 pm. The cost will be $30/session. Topics will include things such as coming out, dating & relationships, peer support, bullying, etc. Please feel free to share my contact information and spread the word. Attendees and/or their parents will need to contact me via phone or email before attending their first session. I will hold the first group meeting once I have enough interested participants.
Contact Terese Herring at 850-510-4688 or hopeandempathy.com. Her address is 109 w. 4th Ave.


 In the Spring of 2015, my child informed us that she was really a boy with a boy brain, and wanted us to refer to her using male pronouns and a male name. My husband and I were supportive, but unsure of what we should do. The news didn’t come as a complete shock to us. After all, this child had been using boy names in imaginative play, wearing clothing from the boy’s department, and cutting his hair progressively shorter for the past two years. Our hesitation came when we began interacting with other adults. What should we say? How would the school, doctor’s office, baseball team, and other family members react? How should we best support our child without putting him in harm’s way from those who wouldn’t understand? We found some internet groups, and got some advice from other parents online, but it just wasn’t the same as face-to-face interaction with other parents who knew the issues that we were suddenly facing.
In June of 2016, my son and I attended the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference. I had a wealth of support groups to chose from, and I attended all that I could. After the conference, I resolved that Tallahassee needed a group of it’s own. I knew that there were other parents somewhere out there. Maybe they thought they were all alone. Maybe, like my son, they were convinced that no one else in the world had ever heard the word transgender. If so, they needed to know that they were not alone. Luckily, I was able to attend a workshop in Philadelphia that was presented by TransParent USA. This organization has existed since 2011, and they were looking to start chapters all over the US. They seemed a perfect fit. Their website, http://transparentusa.org, contains useful resources and links, including a list of chapters.
One of the newest chapters is in Tallahassee. Meetings are monthly. Meetings are for parents at any stage of acceptance with gender independent kids of any age and at any stage of transition. All identities and information discussed in meetings are strictly confidential. The next meeting of Transparent Tallahassee is Feb. 7 at the Eastside Public Library, 1583 Pedrick Rd. There is a screening process required.  Please make contact via email at tallahassee.fl@transparentusa.org




~ LBGTQ Resource Room located at 1676 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Suite 206, – C.C. Cunningham Bldg
Career Center Building, second floor.

LGBTea Roundtables are an opportunity to have open discussion about LGBTQAI concerns about FAMU campus culture.
We would love for you to join us.These roundtables are open to all students, faculty and staff.

Upcoming Roundtables:
February 9th 6pm in Resource room
March 23rd  7pm
April 19th  7pm

FAMU SPECTRUM: This a student organization here at FAMU that provides an avenue for those who are apart of the LGBTQ community as well as Allies.
Please contact Spectrum President Autumn Bell or Advisors Tanya Tatum and/or Melvena Wilson (melvena.wilson@famu.edu) for more information

Would you like to participant in the Lavendar Graduation Program?
Contact Dr. Wilson for more information and to sign up, contact us at Rattlerwellness@gmail.com

SAVE the DATe: Spring 2017 Cord Ceremony will be held on April 11th 7-9pm.



Civil Indigent Status – Florida

Can be used for name change and gender marker change by members of the transgender community that don’t have the means to pay the fees.  THE INDIGENT STATUS APPLICATION LINK IS LISTED BELOW


The law affects every aspect of life. Every aspect – think about it. I can’t think of a single act, scenario, or situation that does not have a set of laws surrounding it. Birth, death, taxes, ownership, marriage, divorce, business, real estate, and on and on. I can’t think of one single thing that doesn’t have laws to go with it. It’s a modern world, and we live by laws. Its fine, it is our system, it mostly works. Better to live by laws, than by force or chaos.

But when it costs money to use the law and the price is too high for some, there is a problem. The filing fee for a Florida divorce is $408. Considering that someone earning minimum wage @ $7.25 per hour, earns a gross weekly wage of $290. Filing for divorce might require robbing poor old Peter. If that minimum wage job is meant to support more than one person, Peter and others must be robbed.

You might say, well no one has to get a divorce – its not a necessity. A couple could wait to divorce until money was not such a problem. That may be true, but why should someone have to put their life on hold for lack of a filing fee? And although divorce is not a necessity it is usually the most practical thing to do once it becomes clear that the marriage is not going to ever work. Couples who separate and do not divorce create a whole new set of problems for themselves. What if the woman has a child from the next relationship, but is still married to the first one? What if one or the other wants to remarry and then has lost track of their spouse?

There is a solution to the unreasonably high cost of filing fees and court costs. Consumers can file a form called – Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status. I don’t know exactly why it is kept such a secret. I suspect that the court clerks are told that they must provide consumers with the form for indigent status if they ask for it; but are also told not to volunteer the form or the information. A search for this form and various associated search strings used to find it are some of the most frequent key words that land people on our association site – The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers – www.faldp.org.

Civil Indigent Status applies to other types of law suits besides family law, including small claims, general civil, and landlord/tenant. There is a similar indigent application form for a criminal case to request a public defender. In civil law suits, if a consumer has an income less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines; and minimal assets, he, is likely eligible for civil indigent status. Indigent status allows the clerks of court to waive filing fees and court costs. The consumer would only have to pay a one time $25.00 administrative fee. The following pertinent part of the Florida Statutes states which court costs are waived:

57.081 Costs; right to proceed where prepayment of costs and payment of filing fees waived.—

(1) Any indigent person, … in any judicial or administrative agency proceeding or who initiates such proceeding shall receive the services of the courts, sheriffs, and clerks, with respect to such proceedings, despite his or her present inability to pay for these services. Such services are limited to filing fees; service of process; certified copies of orders or final judgments; a single photocopy of any court pleading, record, or instrument filed with the clerk; examining fees; mediation services and fees; private court-appointed counsel fees; subpoena fees and services; service charges for collecting and disbursing funds; and any other cost or service arising out of pending litigation. … A party who has obtained a certification of indigence pursuant to s. 27.52 or s. 57.082 with respect to a proceeding is not required to prepay costs to a court, clerk, or sheriff and is not required to pay filing fees or charges for issuance of a summons.

The process and guidelines are further explained in Florida Statute 57.082 – Determination of Civil Indigent Status. The determination of indigent status is made by the clerk of court. If a consumer believes he was wrongfully denied indigent status, he may appeal to the judge.

The U.S. Supreme Court opinion, Boddie v. Connecticut, 401 U.S. 371 (1971), delivered by Justice Harlan, states: “At its core, the right to due process reflects a fundamental value in our American constitutional system. Our understanding of that value is the basis upon which we have resolved this case. Perhaps no characteristic of an organized and cohesive society is more fundamental than its erection and enforcement of a system of rules defining the various rights and duties of its members, enabling them to govern their affairs and definitively settle their differences in an orderly, predictable manner. Without such a “legal system,” social organization and cohesion are virtually impossible; with the ability to seek regularized resolution of conflicts, individuals are capable of interdependent action that enables them to strive for achievements without the anxieties that would beset them in a disorganized society. Put more succinctly, it is this injection of the rule of law that allows society to reap the benefits of rejecting what political theorists call the “state of nature.”

The court found that it was an unconstitutional denial of due process for the court to prohibit consumers from divorcing due to the high cost of filing fees and court costs. Only the government is authorized to divorce couples, there is no other way to get divorced than to go through the court system. And because the government has a monopoly on granting divorces, the court must allow indigent people to divorce. The court recognized divorce as a fundamental right, similar to the right to marry.

If you are a consumer please let others know about this process. If you are a legal document preparer please inform your customers who are struggling to pay for services. Whenever I am assisting a customer with their legal documents, and they are struggling to pay document preparation fees, I make sure to include the Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status. In this economy, a little financial help may help someone more than you can imagine.



(That work with the Tallahassee, Fl.  Trans Community)



Kathleen Farrell        727-551-9851      5545 62nd Ave., Pinellas Park., Fl. 33781    tgtherapist.com

Debra Frank                        850-656-1822      2065 Delta Way, Suite 1

Terese Herring                   850-510-4688   109 W. 4th Ave. hopeandempathy.com

Linda Humphries              850- 656-2100                                                 drlindahumphries.com/

Alan Kagan                          850- 656-5523

Elizabeth Kamphausen       850-274-3992       1113 S. Magnolia                liz4therapy@earthlink.net

Lisa Love                               850-274-7299                                                    LFACABC@gmail.com

Lorin Brand                          850-308-5429      109 W. 4th Ave.                  lorinbrand@gmail.com

Charles Martin       352-375-7756       3600 NW 43rd St. E-4,  Gainesville, Fl. 32606

Ellen Shapiro                    850-222-0003      1003 N. Adams 32303       drellenshapiro.com

Donna St. Hillier             850-847-1107       219 East 5th Ave. 32303

Cindy Wall                         850-445-5689                                                          cindywall@ymail.com

Kimberly Watford           850-386-1560

Lonnie Wesley                   850-386-2000




Tracy Abbosh    904-997-2277    Electrolysis Laser Center of Jacksonville

11512 Lake Mead Ave., Suite 304,

Jacksonville, Fl. 32256                                                                                                                                            tracy@jaxhairremoval.com


Casa Chiaro                      850-906-9831    4412 Small Pond Ln


Heather Feinberg          850-219-2000    2030 Fleischman Rd.

SE Plastic Surgery,

Silhouette Laser             850-402-9044    1233 Miccosukee Rd.,

Terri(Suburban Salon)  850-224-2169     1842 Thomasville Rd




Celeste Hart                   850-224-7154   1705 S. Adams St.   32301

Barry Rodwick               727-725-9931    3135 State Rd 580,

Safety Harbor, Fl. 34695


Terry Sherraden           850-877-7387    2406 East Plaza Dr. 32308


Nancy Wright                850-656-3361    1804 Miccosukee Commons Dr. 32308



PHYSICIANS: (various specialists)

Jennifer Abbott, MD

Western N.C. Community Health Services

Minnie Jones Health Center

257 Biltmore Avenue

Asheville, North Carolina 28801

(828) 285-0622


WNCCHS has offered high quality, culturally competent transgender health services since 2007.  Today, over 200 gender nonconforming patients including adults and adolescents are enrolled in our Transgender Health Program.

Our Transgender Health Program is available to residents of an 18-county service area of western North Carolina.  Those counties include:  Avery, Buncombe, Clay, Cherokee, Cleveland, Graham, Henderson, Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Madison, Mitchell, McDowell, Polk, Rutherford, Swain, Transylvania, and Yancey counties.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please reach out to Allister Styan here at WNCCHS.

Email:  astyan@wncchs.org

Phone:  828-285-0622 Extension 2144 and ask to speak with or leave a message for Allister.

“We strive to provide appropriate, up to date, evidence-based care for our trans patients, including preventive services, behavioral health services, hormone therapy, general medical care, and referral to community resources.  We recognize that there is a huge gap in healthcare that is accessible and appropriate for transgender patients in the United States and especially in the South.” – Jennifer Abbott, MD


Jonathan Appelbaum      850-431-7900    FSU-TMH Internal Medicine Clinic

1300 miccosukee Rd. 32303


will work with Trans community to provide HRT

Jolita Burns– Ob/Gyn       850-656-0302    1885 Professional Park Circle,

Suite 10

(will work with the Trans community on HRT)

Karen Detweiler- OD        850-561-5030     Eye I Deals    410 W. Tennessee

Nicole Golding                    850-385-0103      Visionworks   2506 N. Monroe

Brenda Kinard- M.D.         727-821-9997      1955 1st Ave. N, Suite 103,

St. Petersburg, Fl. 33713

Ben Kirbo-  M.D.                850-219-2000    S. E. Plastic Surgery,

2030 Fleischman

Laura Preston                     850-942-5728     3217 Capital Medical Blvd-

Douglas Sherman               850-562-1128     3721 N. Monroe Dermatology

Sherman Walk-in Clinic

Robert Stark- Ob/Gyn     229-588-4419    2418 N. Oak St., Suite J,

Valdosta, Ga. 3160

Lawrence Thomas    2         850-942-3937      Ophthalmology –

Wendy Thompson             850-942-0180     2858 Mahan Dr. Suite 5




Bond Community Health Center, Inc.    850-576-4013       1720 S. Gadsden St.

Feminist Women’s Health Center           800-877-6013       1924 Cliff Valley Way, NE,  Atlanta, Ga 30329

404-929-1742         Cliff Valley Clinic, Ext.          feministcenter.org

Body Piercing by Bink                              850-681-0060       1733-B North Monroe St

Monument  Tattoos                                  850-727-0278        1367 Mahan Dr –    monumenttattoos.com

Hairvoyance,  A Salon de Beaute            850-222-1128       1132 East Tennessee St


Anami Lok- African Hair Braiding           850-980-3121         1350 E. Mahan Dr



All providers are located in Tallahassee, Florida unless otherwise noted.


Local Tallahassee Businesses with Private and Lockable Restrooms

June 7, 2016


All Saints Café

A&W- Dubuque, Iowa

A&W- Paducah, Kentucky

Bahn Thai

Bamboo House

Beall’s on Tennessee St

Black Dog Cafe

Brooklyn Pizza

Casey’s General Store- Amana, Iowa

Catalina Cafe on Gaines Street

Circle K’s

Craft & Commerce-675 W. Beech St., San Diego, Ca. 92101

CVS on Woodward and Pensacola

Decent Pizza

Empire Chinese Restaurant- 1700 North Monroe

Essence of India

Fermentation Lounge

FSU  all gender bathrooms at Ogelsby Student Union, Center for Global Exchange Fresh Foods Dining Hall, Health and Wellness Center

Goodwill (Apalachee Pkwy)

Goodwill (Cap Circle)

Governor Sq Mall

Habanas Boardwalk

Heat- 3797 Park Blvd, San Diego, Ca. 92103

Jasmine Cafe and Lounge- 109 E. College Ave. 32301

Joanne’s Fabrics

Happy Joe’s- Dubuque, Iowa

Kangaroo Express- corner of Woodville Hghwy & Rte. 267

Lefty’s- 3448 30th St., San Diego, Ca. 92104

Mayuri Indian Cuisine on Magnolia St

Mickee Faust Playhouse

Milano Pizzeria- 1940 N. Monroe

Momo’s Pizza

Monk’s Bar And Grill- 1710 W. Tharpe St.

Namaste Yoga Center

Pho Me on Apalachee Pkwy

Publix (Park Ave-Family Bathrooms)

Red Eye on Capital Circle NE


Starseas Café

Target ( Pkwy-Family Bathrooms)

Taste of Italy- Hillcrest District, 1013 University Ave. , San Diego, Ca. 92103

TCBY- W. Tennessee St.

The Warehouse

Three Guys from New York Pizzeria- 1814 W. Tennessee 32304

Unitarian Universalist Church-  2810 N Meridian- 850-385-5115

United Church

Uptown Café

Walmart (Pkwy)




all addresses are Tallahassee, Florida unless otherwise noted