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Terese N. Herring, MS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
109 W. Fourth Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 510-4688





This group facilitated by Margeaux Mutz meets at the
United Church in Tallahassee, 1834 Mahan Dr.
Our meeting is held on the second Tues. of
every month from 7-8:30.
The group emphasis at each meeting is on
non-judgment and input
from all who attend while eschewing unsolicited
GENDER CHAT: Dec. 13 2016
2017: Jan. 10, Feb. 14, Mar. 14, April 11, May 9,
June 13, July 11, Aug. 8, Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov.
14, Dec. 12.


The group will meet every other Wednesday
in the office of Terese Herring from 5:30 pm.-7 pm.
The cost will be $30/session.
Topics will include things such as coming out, dating
& relationships,peer support, bullying, etc.
Please feel free to share my contact information and
spread the word.Attendees and/or their parents will
need to contact me via phone or email before attending
their first session. I will hold the first group meeting
once I have enough interested participants.
6-7:15 pm on:
Tuesday November 21
Tuesday December 19
All meetings are held at the
Eastside Public Library
1583 Pedrick Rd

 In the Spring of 2015, my child informed us that
she was really a boy with a boy brain, and wanted
us to refer to her using male pronouns and a male
name. My husband and I were supportive, but
unsure of what we should do. The news didn’t
come as a complete shock to us. After all, this child
had been using boy names in imaginative play,
wearing clothing from the boy’s department, and
cutting his hair progressively shorter for the past
two years.Our hesitation came when we began
interacting withother adults. What should we say?
How would the school, doctor’s office, baseball team,
and other family members react?How should we best
support our child without putting him in harm’s way
from those who wouldn’t understand? We found some
internet groups,and got some advice from other
parents online, but it just wasn’t the same as
face-to-face interaction with other parents who
knew the issues that we were suddenly facing.
In June of 2016, my son and I attended the
Philadelphia Trans Health Conference. I
had a wealth ofsupport groups to chose from, and I
attended all that I could. After the conference, I
resolved that Tallahassee needed a group of it’s own.
I knew that there were other parents somewhere
out there. Maybe they thought they were all alone.
Maybe, like my son, they were convinced that no
one else in the world had ever heard the word
transgender. If so, they needed to know that they
were not alone. Luckily, I was able to attend a
workshop in Philadelphia that was presented
by TransParent USA.This organization
has existed
since 2011, and they were looking to start chapters
all over the US. They seemed a perfect fit. Their
contains useful resources and links, including a list
of chapters. One of the newest chapters is in
Tallahassee. Meetings are monthly. Meetings are for
parents at any stage of acceptance with gender
independent kids of any age
and at any stage of transition.All identities and
information discussed in
meetings are strictly confidential.
 LGBTQ+ Youth Support Group

Contact: Lucas Guana


915 Railroad Ave in the back of Bread and Roses Co-op


This Group meets on the first Thursday of very

month from 5;30-7PM. It is a support group for

LGBTQ+ youth. All identities including those

questioning are welcome. The group provides a

supportive and affirming environment for youth

to come together and talk.


 Nov. 20, 2017
 Transgender Day of Remembrance(TDOR)

Dec. 16, 2017Sunday(7PM)

Christmas  Dinner (7PM)…Essence of India,
1105 Apalachee Pkwy