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 Margeaux Mutz-Tso

Margeaux Mutz

Transgender Tallahassee is an organization  founded to support those who believe in their right to self identify, this without regard for the rigid societal norms that inhibit the  fullest expression of  each individuals gender self.  This support extends to those who challenge the idea of gender as binary, thus opening minds to a world of endless possibilities.-

As part of it’s mission Margeaux-Mutz facilitates monthly “Chat Groups” that are both social and informative. Each “Chat” provides a safe and welcoming  environment to a group of people that often feel alienated and alone. Emphasis is placed at each meeting on non-judgment and input from all who attend while eschewing unsolicited advice.

The group meets from 7-8:30PM on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Waterworks located at 1133 Thomasville Rd. The meeting is held in the section of the building called the Spaceport and has a private entrance and it’s own bathrooms.  After the conclusion of ” Chat” the group then reconvenes at  the front of the building for further conversation, food and drink. The group is open to trans people, family, friends and allies.

Transgender Tallahassee also sponsors a TRANSGENDER THERAPY GROUP facilitated by Elizabeth Kamphausen, LCSW(#SW8935). It has the goal of: 1) Providing a safe, therapeutic environment for sharing the challenges of living authentically, with integrity, in a heterosexist, heteronormative and often transphobic society, and 2) Discussing relevant information and experiences regarding various aspects of transitioning as part of discerning next steps, if any, in one’s gender journey.

The group meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7PM at Finding Your Wings, LLC at 1113 S. Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32301.

Cost: $25 (cash or check made out to “Finding Your Wings, LLC”, receipt available upon request)

Directions: Liz’s office at Finding Your Wings, LLC is located south of Apalachee Parkway on Magnolia Drive, just south of Lafayette on the left side of the road. Look for a sign that says “Counseling on Magnolia” with Finding Your Wings, LLC listed on the bottom panel.

Questions? Contact Liz for more information at liz4therapy@earthlink.net or at 850-274-3992.

Transgender Tallahassee also publishes, at various times of the year, it’s own newsletter called “Transgenderscope”. It’s content is the work of various members of the local transgender community and their allies. Each writer has a story to tell which further cements in transgender consciousness that we are not alone. Please contact Margeaux at margeaux.mutz@comcast.net if you have something to contribute.

Continuing on its theme of education and inclusion Transgender Tallahassee also provides speakers for organizations that wish to illuminate the world on transgender issues. These speakers at various times of the year also staff Transgender Tallahassee booths at various local Prides in the Florida and Georgia area. Click on the link provided at the top of the homepage for speaker bios.

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